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The Best Purple Toothpastes and Formulas of 2023

Mar 30, 2024

Dentists reveal why they temporarily work

Rebecca Norris is a full-time freelance writer living in the Washington, D.C. metro area who has worked in beauty editorial for a decade. She joined the Byrdie team as a nail expert in 2019 and contributes to several lifestyle publications. She is a graduate of George Mason University, where she earned a B.A. in Media: Production, Consumption, and Critique, along with a minor in Electronic Journalism.

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Have you ever looked in the mirror and smiled only to feel let down by the color of your teeth? In a world where blindingly-white teeth are advertised as the norm, it’s easy to fall into the trap of believing that a mega kilowatt-smile is synonymous with attractiveness. To that end, you've probably gotten served an ad (or several) for purple toothpaste on social media recently and were surprised at the near-instant whitening results. Curious how effective these dark violet toothpastes actually are, we decided to dive into the research.

Full stop: Many dentists won't recommend purple toothpastes to their patients considering they’re not a permanent solution, nor accepted by the American Dental Association (ADA); however, they do elicit a temporary brightening effect that could be advantageous for say, a big event or a night out where you want to boost your smile for the short-term.

In order for a toothpaste to be ADA-accepted, it must contain fluoride, the ingredient renowned for its enamel-strengthening qualities. Since current purple toothpastes focus solely on aesthetics (not oral care fundamentals) they’ve yet to earn the seal.

"Purple toothpaste is a type of toothpaste that contains purple water-soluble dyes that make teeth appear whiter,” says Dr. Marina Gonchar, DMD and owner of Skin to Smile. “Purple toothpaste takes advantage of the color theory — complementary colors on the color wheel cancel each other out.” Since purple and yellow are complementary colors, purple toothpaste can create the optical illusion of bright white teeth as it neutralizes any yellow stains, she explains. Moreover, the dental magic trick works on natural and manufactured teeth alike, which is notable considering whitening strips and gels typically only work on natural teeth.

Should you be interested in trying one of these quick brightening solutions, keep reading to uncover the six best purple toothpastes on the market.


The Hismile V34 Colour Corrector Serum is by far the most popular purple dental care product on the market. Technically a serum (not a paste), the dark violet goo is formulated with Red No. 33 and Blue No. 1 dyes to mix together to create the perfect purple hue to neutralize yellow teeth. The exact dye mixture the brand uses is known as V34. “Hismile V34 Colour Corrector claims to have the highest concentration of the color correcting dye V34 and therefore delivers the best results,” Gonchar says.

In addition to the dyes, the serum formula features peppermint extract for a pleasant taste and a mix of glycerin, sorbitol, and xylitol, which the ADA says prevents toothpastes from drying out in the tube.

All in all, it’s this specific purple toothpaste that’s created the category craze. On TikTok alone, mentions of Hismile have accumulated over 227 million views. So, if you’re curious to give the dental trend a try, this is a good place to start.

Price at time of publish: $23.20 (normally $29)

Ingredients: Glycerin, sorbitol, xylitol, Red No. 33, and Blue No. 1 | Formula: Serum | Flavor: Peppermint


If you’re in search of a purple toothpaste formulated by a classic oral care brand, you’re in luck. The Crest 3D White Brilliance Luminous Purple Toothpaste earns high praise for its effective neutralizing power, as well as the inclusion of fluoride. (Though, it’s still not ADA-accepted, for the innovation is still relatively new in the big scheme of things.)

“Crest 3D White Brilliance Purple is from a well-established dental brand [and has] a very pleasant taste [with] the added benefit of containing fluoride to deliver protection against cavities,” Gonchar points out. That said, of all the purple toothpastes we’re introducing you to, the Crest 3D White Brilliance Luminous Purple is the palest of all, and claims to offer whiter teeth within three days of use as opposed to immediately. Still, shoppers say that the paste works well to brighten teeth and naturalize bad breath.

Bonus? It’s sold in budget-friendly packs of three on Amazon.

Price at time of publish: $21 (for three packs)

Ingredients: Fluoride, glycerin, Red No. 40, and Blue No. 1 | Formula: Paste | Flavor: Mint


BLAQ is a LGBTQIA+ owned Australian beauty brand that’s all about being unapologetically yourself. Part of that, though, is knowing that it’s totally okay to want to address pain points in appearance. Because of that, the brand released its luxe Ultra Violet Colour Corrector. Marketed as “purple shampoo for your teeth,” this ultra-dark purple tooth serum is designed to sink into every nook and cranny of your teeth to reveal a bright white smile in two minutes flat.

Price at time of publish: $29

Ingredients: Glycerin, sorbitol, xylitol, Red No. 33, and Blue No. 1 | Formula: Serum | Flavor: Peppermint


The Smilekit V-34 Colour Corrector is almost identical to the Hismile Serum. From the transparent exterior encasing the purple tube of toothpaste to the goopy dark purple serum, you’d likely have trouble telling the two apart on your toothbrush. That said, the Smilekit V-34 Colour Corrector is slightly more affordable than Hismile and it’s earned thousands of glowing reviews on Amazon, so it’s worth considering.

Price at time of publish: $18

Ingredients: Glycerin, sorbitol, xylitol, Red No. 33, and Blue No. 1 | Formula: Serum | Flavor: Peppermint


While most purple toothpastes come in the form of thick serums, the Nolipem Purple Tooth Whitening Foam pumps out in fluffy plumes that make brushing a bit more fun. “The Nolipem Purple Tooth Whitening Foam is formulated in a foam instead of a paste, making the delivery a little less messy and less likely to get on your clothing or other surfaces,” Gonchar says.

Despite the textural differences, this purple toothpaste is formulated with the same neutralizing V-34 dye as many others on this list.

Price at time of publish: $15

Ingredients: Glycerin and sorbitol | Formula: Foam | Flavor: Mint


Last but not least, we have the Meoly Purple Toothpaste, yet another popular Amazon find. Unlike the other purple toothpastes on this list, the Meoly Purple Toothpaste relies on herbal ingredients to enhance the color and flavor of the product. Where blueberries are said to be used to create the purple color, natural menthol is to thank for the ultra-fresh flavor.

Price at time of publish: $18

Ingredients: Glycerin, blueberries, and menthol | Formula: Serum | Flavor: Menthol

The formula you choose is a personal preference. Whether you opt for a serum, foam, or a true paste, the purple toothpaste you pick will have the same end goal of working to neutralize stains. That said, buy your favorite texture and enjoy the temporary benefits of the product.

However, if you’re looking for a purple toothpaste to replace your regular toothpaste altogether, you should reconsider. “Remember, the most important qualities of toothpaste are its ability to clean teeth and prevent oral diseases like cavities and gum disease,” Dr. Rhonda Kalasho, CEO of TruGlo Modern Dental explains. “Ingredients like fluoride, which strengthens tooth enamel and fights decay, are important for maintaining oral health. We know that many purple toothpastes also do not contain fluoride, which we do know from studies will lead to an increase in decay or cavities for the person using the toothpaste.”

When using purple toothpaste, it’s imperative that you also use a fluoride-infused formula to protect your teeth and fortify your enamel (our Crest pick contains both the stain-neutralizing effect of purple dye as well as fluoride). For those formulas without fluoride, you may consider a two-step approach and either also brush with a fluoride toothpaste or rinse with a fluoride mouthwash.

Most purple toothpastes feature a mint flavor, however, some taste like peppermint while others have spearmint or crisp menthol profiles (like the Meoly toothpaste). If you’re particular about taste, you’ll want to key into this characteristic before buying a tube or bottle.

The question of whether or not purple toothpaste works is rather misleading. The assumption is that if it works to neutralize stains, it rids teeth of yellowness altogether over time. That’s not the case, though. As Beverly Hills-based cosmetic and biomimetic dentist Dr. Matt Nejad points out, it’s an optical illusion. “Purple toothpastes create an illusion of whiter teeth and do not actually whiten teeth,” he says. “It is a temporary benefit when the toothpaste is used and they do not alter the intrinsic color of the teeth as professional teeth whitening treatments do.”

Purple toothpaste is crafted with food-grade dyes. While safe to use as a means for achieving temporarily brighter, whiter teeth, Hollywood-based cosmetic dentist Dr. Rhonda Kalasho, CEO TruGlo Modern Dental, says that using purple toothpastes as your primary brushing agent isn’t safe for the longevity of your teeth. As a result, you'll want to be sure to frequently brush with a fluoride-infused toothpaste to protect your teeth from decay.

Purple toothpaste won’t stain your teeth but it can stain your clothing and sink. While spot cleaning your clothes and scrubbing your sink with a Magic Eraser should do the trick, that’s still an extra step that purple toothpastes may require that classic toothpastes don’t.

Most purple toothpastes (specifically the ultra-dark ones) are designed to offer immediate benefits; paler purple toothpastes may take a few days to really set in. “Keep in mind that these results are temporary, so continuous use is necessary to maintain the effect,” Nejad reminds us.

Rebecca Norris has worked in beauty and wellness journalism for over 10 years. For this story, she spoke with Dr. Kate Zoumboukos, Dr. Matt Nejad, Dr. Marina Gonchar, and Dr. Rhonda Kalasho to determine whether purple toothpastes are worth the TikTok hype. Learning that purple toothpaste is safe to use for temporary whitening benefits (though, not recommended as a sole oral care product), she set out to find the highest-rated formulas on the market. In doing so, she found a variety of popular purple toothpastes, including one that’s actually formulated with fluoride (making it more appealing to dentists).

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